Mapleblock Capital

We are a firm that exclusively consults in Blockchain-enabled companies. Our mission is to realize the future of Blockchain economy by consulting in game changing projects and companies. We participate in Pre-sale stages of Token Generation Events and Equity investments.


Telegram Enter Telegram, which is also known as TON—an acronym that stands for Telegram Open Network. This platform is designed to provide the speed and scalability needed by a blockchain network to reach the mainstream.

Algorand is defining the standard for blockchain technology. Algorand pure proof-of-stake protocol is the first of its kind to support the scale, open participation, and transaction finality for billions of users. All backed by a sustainable business and a renowned team of experts.
Hadron Cloud Engineered for a global user base, HADRON’s novel protocols scale far beyond existing platforms. Unlike payment channels and group lotteries, HADRON’s payment protocol is trustless, stateless, and scales to an unbounded number of workers.

BlockCloud 1st blockchain platform with a uniquely fast and efficient consensus mechanism with a low-load transmission mechanism supporting IoT. 8 features tailored for IoT: mobility, tamper-proof, anti-theft, evolution, low cost, real-time, fair, high TPS.

Conflux is the first also the only public blockchain system till now ,which can achieve high TPS without sacrificing decentralization or safety. By delicately combining its unique and advanced algorithm with a novel structure——Tree Graph (TG), Conflux makes consensus no longer a performance bottleneck, which can solve a series of problems.

Oasis Labs

Oasis Labs is creating a next-gernation blockchain platform for scalable, privacy-preserving smart contracts. It supports diverse applications, from games to machine learning. It also boasts security and privacy features (for data and computations) while being both flexible and easy to use.

Ankr Network Distributed Cloud Computing on Trusted Hardware. Ankr provides a computation-resource-efficient blockchain and an integrated data feed system leveraging both cryptographic primitives and trusted hardware.

EXIM Chain is a protocol for scalable, public blockchain networks with privacy for enterprise supply chain applications. Eximchain enables businesses to connect, transact, and share information more efficiently and securely.​

BitMax is the industry leading next-generation digital asset trading platform that provides a broad range of financial products and services to both retail and institutional clients across the globe.

EdenChain is building a blockchain platform that can replace existing assets with blockchain-based tokens allowing their ownership to be registered; the necessary conditions can be specified through smart contracts according to the characteristics of the asset.

Seele is powered by an up-scalable Neural Consensus protocol for high throughput concurrency among large scale heterogeneous nodes and is able to form a unique heterogeneous forest multi-chain ecosystem

Bgogo The exchange of the community, by the community, for the community. Bgogo is the first digital asset exchange with supernode listing authority, designed to list the most high quality and promising digital assets.

CryptoCurve accelerates the positive global impact of blockchain technology through an ecosystem of user experience driven products and programs that help individual investors and software developers achieve their goals.

PDX A public blockchain ecosystem. The ultimate goal of the PDX public blockchain is, to become an organically growing trustworthiness Internet infrastructure realizing trustworthiness e-society without boarders.
Ncent Labs
Ncent Labs The internet was created to democratize access to information and opportunity. It grew to be a platform where central actors now monetize the value of our connections, data and networks.

Pundix Open Platform supports blockchain developers, digital asset issuers and businesses to freely apply and list their custom digital assets onto Pundi X’s payment ecosystem.

Crypterium Cryptobank for Cryptopeople. A revolutionary digital cryptobank with a credit subtoken and an open platform.​

SophiaTX Blockchain Platform & Marketplace that integrates leading business applications covering major ERP, CRM, & SCM systems into a single collaborative environment.

Sentinel Chain is a B2B marketplace specifically designed to provide affordable and secure financial services to the unbanked.

CoinMetro provides a gateway for novice and professional traders to get involved in the crypto space with an ease-of-access not yet seen in the industry.

X-Contract Jarvis Jarvis+ redefines how users interact with Blockchain so that everyone can use Blockchain and Smart Contract in natural languages.

Naga is a decentralized cryptocurrency for trading and investing in financial markets, virtual goods and cryptocurrencies.

Restart Energy a blockchain-based ecosystem for a sustainble future.. Designed and backed by the European Union’s fastest growing private energy provider.

Babb Decentralised banking platform. Access to a bank account for P2P financial services for anyone in the world.

DIWToken is a decentralized identification infrastructure which enables account holders to safeguard their virtual life while accessing a series of DApps via its network.

Huobi is an advanced U.S. digital currency trading platform, one of the world’s largest digital asset trading and management service providers.

Storiqa is a crypto marketplace. Sell and buy goods with cryptocurrencies.

DataWallet is your digital wallet for your online data. It allows you to take your data from platforms such as Facebook, Amazon, Uber and unify it in one place.

Fabric is the leading end-to-end token crowdsale automation tool, uses Fabric Token as the essential payment method for new projects on the platform.

Raven is providing cost-efficient and faster training of deep neural networks.

Casperlabs is high performance is achieved without compromising on decentralization of the network or resorting to off-chain settlement.