Fantom Foundation and Mapleblock Capital Partnership Announcement

Fantom Foundation and Mapleblock Capital have partnered to support projects building on the Fantom blockchain. The partnership aims to provide a significant funding boost to the Fantom ecosystem, setting the stage for broader adoption for the Fantom community. “We are excited to be collaborating with Mapleblock Capital, who are very interested in supporting ecosystem projects

Flash loans

The DeFi revolution is a shift of the philosophical view on how financial institutions should be built and run, however it is very much a technology revolution that allows for the philosophy behind DeFi to be expressed in code. One of the most innovative tools that came with DeFi is Flash loans. Flash Loans are

Gaming Guilds: Frontiers of the metaverse

Key-points Introduction to gaming guilds Games as a catalyst for mass adoption of crypto Quantitative Analysis of Gaming Guilds Conceptual Framework of a Guild Comparison between major gaming guilds Catalysts for a Guilds growth Closing Thoughts References Introduction to gaming guilds Blockchain gaming took the market over by a storm in Q4,2021. The rise of


Canza Finance – Africa’s Gateway to Prosperity

We made a strategic investment in Canza Finance alongside Polychain Capital, 99 Capital and others. Canza Finance is a Web3 neobank that facilitates cross-border payments for African startups.

Taiko – Revolutionizing Ethereum Scaling with ZK-Rollups

We made a strategic investment in Taiko alongside Generative Ventures, Kucoin Ventures and others. Taiko is a fully decentralized, Ethereum – equivalent ZK-rollup (Type 1 ZK-EVM) aiming to scale Ethereum while upholding the root principles of security, permissionless, and decentralization.

LiveArt – The Next Gen Art Market

We made a strategic investment in LiveArt along side Binance Labs, Animoca and others. LiveArt is a revolutionary web3 platform that uses AI-powered market analytics and a global art database to connect digital art buyers with utility enhanced by art.

Sei Network – Revolutionizing the DeFi Landscape

We made a strategic investment in Sei Network along side Distributed Global, Multicoin Capital, Asymmetric, Flow Traders, Hypersphere, and others. Sei is a layer 1 blockchain specialized for trading providing fast transaction speed, low fees and high throughput.

Onomy provides rails for the $6.6T per day forex market to plug into DeFi

We made a strategic investment in Onomy’s $10M private round along side GSR, DWF labs, CMS holdings, Bitfinex etc. Onomy is a multi-chain platform that combines Forex and Decentralized Finance, by providing the necessary infrastructure to plug in the Forex market into DeFi directly. It includes a complete ecosystem of offerings that include Arc Bridge Hub, Access Mobile Wallet, and the Onomy Exchange.

Few and Far, the next-gen NFT platform

We made a strategic investment in Few and Far, along with Metaweb, Pantera, Huobi Ventures, Arkstream Capital, and Hypersphere.


January 2024 – Bitcoin’s institutional adoption

Introduction 2024 started on a positive note for the crypto industry with the SEC approving the Bitcoin ETFs. This year is already poised for a more significant upgrade into the ecosystem with Bitcoin halving scheduled for April. The approval of the ETF opens the door for a lot of investors. The new investors can now

December 2023 – 2023 Year in Review

Introduction The cryptocurrency journey has been quite eventful over the past few years, and 2023 was no different. The most recent crypto winter was triggered by 2022’s massive losses from Luna, TerraUSD, and FTX, which extended into 2023 with the failure of crypto banks Silvergate Bank and Signature Bank in March. Despite these losses, regulatory

November 2023 – From Niche to Mainstream: How a Bitcoin ETF Could Reshape the Financial Landscape

Introduction In 2013, The Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust made a filing for the first Bitcoin ETF, but the first Bitcoin ETF was approved in 2020 and was listed on the Bermuda stock exchange. Since then, the crypto industry has moved leaps and bounds. The first Bitcoin Spot ETF was launched on August 15, 2023 in Europe.