Fantom Foundation and Mapleblock Capital Partnership Announcement

Fantom Foundation and Mapleblock Capital have partnered to support projects building on the Fantom blockchain. The partnership aims to provide a significant funding boost to the Fantom ecosystem, setting the stage for broader adoption for the Fantom community. “We are excited to be collaborating with Mapleblock Capital, who are very interested in supporting ecosystem projects

Flash loans

The DeFi revolution is a shift of the philosophical view on how financial institutions should be built and run, however it is very much a technology revolution that allows for the philosophy behind DeFi to be expressed in code. One of the most innovative tools that came with DeFi is Flash loans. Flash Loans are

Gaming Guilds: Frontiers of the metaverse

Key-points Introduction to gaming guilds Games as a catalyst for mass adoption of crypto Quantitative Analysis of Gaming Guilds Conceptual Framework of a Guild Comparison between major gaming guilds Catalysts for a Guilds growth Closing Thoughts References Introduction to gaming guilds Blockchain gaming took the market over by a storm in Q4,2021. The rise of


Pocket Network-Investment Thesis

Pocket Network is a decentralized infrastructure protocol. The project tackles the data dependence of dApps on centralized infrastructure providers and delivers a resilient and distributed solution to cater to their data requirement needs. Table of contents Introduction What is POKT Network? Challenges in the current landscape Enter Pocket Architecture of Pocket Network Market Competition The

DeFi Land-Investment thesis

DeFi land is a multi-chain gamified asset management layer for decentralized finance. The project seeks to unlock mass adoption of DeFi through a friendly user experience & onboarding process. The project combines elements of play-to-earn blockchain games alongside an easy-to-use DeFi management toolkit. Introduction What is DeFi Land Need for a better on-boarding experience Riding


November & December 2022 – The fall of CeFi and the rise of DeFi

Introduction Ever since the emergence of cryptocurrencies and the encompassing ecosystem, there has been a consistent debate regarding the optimal degree of decentralization. Decentralization is among the most fundamental tenets of blockchain technology, but achieving a highly secure and scalable system is difficult as advocated by the blockchain trilemma. Various projects within a similar domain

October 2022 – Welcome to the Metaverse

Introduction to the Metaverse In Oct 2021, Facebook changed its name to Meta Platforms and promised to invest $10 billion in its Reality Labs operation. In Jan 2022, Microsoft made a $69 billion bet with the acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Since then, Metaverse as a keyword on Google searches is used very often, often without

September 2022 – Bridge Attacks

From the conception of Bitcoin in 2009 to the multi-chain environment we observe today, the crypto space has come a long way, and as the industry developed, so did the spectrum of means to exploit it. Every so often, the industry has suffered from major attacks draining the ecosystem of millions of dollars, and in