Flash loans

The DeFi revolution is a shift of the philosophical view on how financial institutions should be built and run, however it is very much a technology revolution that allows for the philosophy behind DeFi to be expressed in code. One of the most innovative tools that came with DeFi is Flash loans. Flash Loans are

Gaming Guilds: Frontiers of the metaverse

Key-points The success of Axie Infinity scholarship model was a watershed moment that proved gamers could actually earn a living wage by playing video games This resulted in a rush of P2E games attracting investors and players alike The growth of the P2E movement can potentially disrupt the gaming industry which is forecasted to reach

A brief look at the Solana ecosystem

Since its inception, Ethereum has been the leading smart contract platform, preferred by most developer teams. However, due to the constraints of the blockchain trilemma, it became apparent that Ethereum will not scale without upgrades like layer 2, rollups, or Eth 2.0. The need for a cheap high-performance blockchain became apparent in the market and


Pocket Network-Investment Thesis

Pocket Network is a decentralized infrastructure protocol. The project tackles the data dependence of dApps on centralized infrastructure providers and delivers a resilient and distributed solution to cater to their data requirement needs. Table of contents Introduction What is POKT Network? Challenges in the current landscape Enter Pocket Architecture of Pocket Network Market Competition The

DeFi Land-Investment thesis

DeFi land is a multi-chain gamified asset management layer for decentralized finance. The project seeks to unlock mass adoption of DeFi through a friendly user experience & onboarding process. The project combines elements of play-to-earn blockchain games alongside an easy-to-use DeFi management toolkit. Introduction What is DeFi Land Need for a better on-boarding experience Riding


April 2022 – Stablecoins and CBDCs

Terra’s downfall aroused a bag of questions about Stablecoins – the haven of digital assets during periods of high volatility. From El Salvador adopting $BTC as a legitimate currency to countries embracing blockchain with the creation of CBDCs. We can see a large-scale usage of blockchain in enhancing the current financial structure across multiple monetary

March 2022 – Zero Knowledge

Blockchain is moving towards mainstream adoption. But it is limited because of the inherent architecture, where privacy and scalability are a concern. The increasing demand for throughput by dApps, and DeFi protocols, forced the web3  ecosystem to look for better alternatives. The exploration led back to the 1980s, when Goldwasser, Micali, and Rackoff developed an

February 2022 – Crisis in Europe

On 24th February last month, Russia launched a full scale invasion on Ukraine. Preceded by significant troop building around the Ukraine border many monitoring groups had called this move. We would like to extend our deepest prayers to those caught in this conflict, suffering losses and forced to displace inside and outside Ukraine. We hope