LiveArt – The Next Gen Art Market

  1. Introduction
  2. Market Dynamics
  3. What is LiveArt?
  4. LiveArt product features
  5. Strategic Partnerships & Investors
  6. Business Model
  7. Tokenomics & Valuation
  8. Team
  9. Conclusion


LiveArt is a revolutionary web3 platform that uses AI-powered market analytics and a global art database to connect digital art buyers with utility enhanced by art. With the $ART token as its backbone, the platform offers partners customizable and decentralised reward programs to incentivize users to transact and engage. LiveArt enables users to discover, collect, and trade a range of art and collectibles, from traditional pieces to digital artworks and NFTs. With a talented team and significant funding from prominent investors, LiveArt’s focus on innovation, user experience, and strategic partnerships puts it in a unique position to disrupt the traditional art market and dominate the emerging art and collectibles market.

Market Dynamics

LiveArt is operating in a rapidly growing and evolving market that is being transformed by Web3 technology. According to the 2022 Art Market Report, the global art and collectibles private wealth is worth $2 trillion, with an annual trading volume of $65 billion. About 25% of transactions in the art market are online, with over $100 million worth of NFTs traded every week. The report also indicates that NFTs are on track to nearly double the size of the art market, with major brands launching NFT collections to bring art to new audiences. Web3 technology is enabling disintermediation, resale royalties, and new digital mediums, with artists and creators reaping more rewards. The market is becoming more global and transactional, with audiences growing, and tokenization and fractionalization becoming more mainstream. Market operations are being structurally solved with blockchain technology, improving market liquidity and making transactions easier, more trusted, and permanent. LiveArt is positioned to take advantage of these market dynamics, leveraging its deep industry knowledge, connections, advanced data modelling, and AI extensive crypto background, and all-star global team to transform the art market with Web3.

Web3 is bringing the Art market into the Future. Art market is currently being revolutionised and optimised across all the stakeholders in Art – Artists and creators, Audiences and Market operations. Each of these is transformed and enabled with greater efficiencies with the help of Web3. 

In recent times, we have seen a surge in major brands entering the NFT space to bring their art to new audiences. Luxury brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton, iconic bands like The Rolling Stones and The Gorillaz, and even sports leagues like the NBA have all launched NFT collections. This trend highlights the growing interest and adoption of NFTs beyond the traditional art market, and the potential for NFTs to reshape the way we perceive and consume art.

What is Liveart?

LiveArt is a Web3 platform that brings together cutting-edge technology and in-depth knowledge of the art market to propel the art business into the future. It is made up of experts in the art market and technological pioneers. LiveArt specialises in integrating traditional and digital artists into Web3 and sells both tangible and digital art. LiveArt offers a full range of Web3 solutions for the projects of traditional and cryptocurrency artists. LiveArt is a full-service Web3 platform for artists and companies, offering everything from technology support to operations, strategy, and marketing in their digital studio. Furthermore, LiveArt assists collectors by offering real-time AI-driven data tools that enable them to undertake in-depth analysis of artists and industry trends.

LiveArt is a digital art studio and marketplace at the forefront of the Web3 transformation of the art market. It has unparalleled access to the art market, including top artists, galleries, collectors, and institutions. The platform offers comprehensive art market data, multi-level royalties, IP rights, support for complex gamified multi-chapter Web3 projects, and peer-to-peer trading of physical art. The technology is backed by a network of distribution channels through collaborations with top brands and a network of partners and affiliated communities incentivized through the $ART token.

LiveArt’s success metrics are impressive, with over 30,000 registered users, $20 million in trading volume, and it possesses a full pipeline of 1 NFT collection per week, launched on the platform. Backed by the world’s top Web3 investors, including Binance Labs, Animoca Brands, Hashkey, Samsung Ventures, and other institutional and individual investors, LiveArt is poised for even greater success in the future.

LiveArt recently released Meta-morphic: Seven Treasures by Huang Yuxing, the first genuine masterpiece of creation on Web3. Each NFT in the collection is a gemstone or mineral floating in multidimensional space, created using 3D design and encryption methods, showcasing LiveArt’s commitment to innovation and creativity in the art market.

Overall, LiveArt is a leader in the emerging Web3 art market and is well-positioned to capitalise on the growing demand for digital art and NFTs. With its unique technology, distribution partnerships, and world-class team, LiveArt is driving the Web3 transformation of the art market and offering a new way for artists and collectors to engage with art in the digital age.

LiveArt product features

The LiveArt NFT platform is leading the Web3 transformation of the art market with its core technology, sale configurations, smart contracts, utility, creator tools, white-label platform, API, UI components and SDKs, community tools, content, studio services, and marketing services. The LiveArt Pricing & Analytics Engine provides extensive ML-driven market analytics covering 10M+ auction records, 345k+ artists, and 25+ auction houses with physical and digital market coverage. The platform offers various sale configurations, including buy now, auction (English & Dutch), direct mint, and premint.

The smart contracts are low gas and optimised with infinite upgradability and per token royalties. The utility features include staking mechanism, burn to earn, NFT aggregator, and physical art. The creator tools include the creator hub, editions, open edition, on-chain generative, and updatable metadata. The white-label platform allows for building a branded Web3 microsite, and the API, UI components, and SDKs enable integration with web or mobile applications. The community tools are powered by $ART and include membership & loyalty, rewards configurator, $ART utility & perks, and collector trophies.

The platform offers content such as art & culture IP and AI art advisor and market analytics app, and studio services such as asset design and gamification. The marketing services include community management, distribution plan, and sales distribution channels. LiveArt offers complex multi-chapter digital art collections engineered for rapid adoption & self-sustained growth, private sales (allowlist), public sale, mystery box, on-chain generative, and phygital. The distribution is through LiveArt’s community of 400,000+ NFT buyers, a network of affiliated corporate partners, and 30+ alpha communities.

The table demonstrates the diversity of LiveArt’s NFT offerings and the range of services and benefits available to creators and partners.

The LiveArt Trading Floor is a unique platform that offers a modern and efficient approach to art buying and selling. Equipped with an extensive global art database and AI-driven market analytics, the platform allows buyers and sellers to make informed decisions based on real-time market trends and insights. The platform’s mobile-first experience and unique behavioural-activity-driven sales approach enable fast onboarding, seamless negotiation, and secure deal closing. With over $20 million in total sales (as of May 2023)  since its launch, the platform has a high rate of repeat customers and a broad user base from over 130 countries.

LiveArt’s private art sales for the 21st century combine a unique behavioural-activity-driven sales approach with a predictive model based on user data. This enables fast onboarding, seamless negotiation, and secure deal closing, all in a mobile-first experience that provides a level of convenience that has never been seen before in the art industry. Additionally, the platform’s built-in KYC/AML process ensures that all transactions are secure and compliant with regulatory requirements

Strategic Partnerships & Investors

LiveArt has established partnerships with various art institutions, artists, and brands. Some of the notable institutions that have collaborated with LiveArt include ARTECHOUSE, 1-54 Art Fair, Cisneros Foundation, and Ephemeral Ethernal. LiveArt has also partnered with several “traditional” artists such as Huang Yuxing, Amani Lewis, Isshaq Ismail, Julian Schnabel, Kennedy Yanko, Yue Minjun, and Vhils. Additionally, the platform has collaborated with digital-native artists like Infinite Mantra, Jason Dussault, Chen Man, and StarCity. These collaborations have helped LiveArt to expand its reach and bring a diverse range of art to its platform.

LiveArt’s partnerships with major art institutions, artists, and brands demonstrate the platform’s credibility and potential to become a leading player in the NFT art market. With its advanced technology, creator tools, and community-driven approach, LiveArt has already gained significant traction and has attracted a community of 400,000+ NFT buyers. However, the NFT market is still in its early stages, and there is immense potential for growth. LiveArt can leverage its partnerships and technology to further expand its offerings and attract more artists, institutions, and collectors to the platform. As the NFT market continues to evolve, LiveArt’s innovative approach to NFT art sales and community building will likely enable it to continue growing and shaping the future of the art market.

LiveArt has an impressive project pipeline and has partnered with Binance to build new markets and create digital collections. They are also collaborating with art and Web3 experts to create the LiveArt Global 100 LiveArt Championship. Over 150 artists from 70 countries have minted their artworks on the BNB Chain, and the partnership with Binance has garnered over 276.6K likes, 70.3K views, and 4.3K followers. Additionally, LiveArt is working with BAB to offer exclusive benefits for BAB token holders to promote BAB soul token adoption.

LiveArt has established partnerships with major art institutions, artists, and brands, which demonstrates the platform’s credibility and potential to become a leading player in the NFT art market. As the NFT market continues to evolve, LiveArt’s innovative approach to NFT art sales and community building will likely enable it to continue growing and shaping the future of the art market.

Business model

LiveArt has developed a unique business model that revolves around the $ART token. This utility token is designed to use art to enhance any brand, and LiveArt partners can offer decentralised reward schemes to their audiences through this token.

The model works by allowing partners, buyers, and sellers to use LiveArt products, content, and data powered by AI. As they use these services, they can earn $ART token rewards that can be used for various purposes.

Partners can offer these rewards as part of their loyalty and membership programs or use them to incentivize their audiences to refer new customers to their collections. The $ART token rewards can also be used by buyers and sellers to complete transactions on the LiveArt platform.

LiveArt uses AI-powered market analytics and a global art database to connect digital art buyers and enhance art utility. The platform offers various use cases like bidding in auctions, personalised market reports, and curatorial proposals. LiveArt also has a rewards program for collections, governance through voting, and marketing and content support. Additionally, it offers collector badges and higher-tier features for the creator hub. The platform offers a range of use cases, each falling under a specific category, as listed in the table below:

LiveArt partners or creators can buy or earn $ART tokens, which are allocated to them from the total $ART supply. The partner can then build a membership or loyalty program by configuring the benefits and rewards, either by selecting from templates or building their own. After launching the program, customers can complete milestones such as platform actions, purchases, referrals, and social follows and engagement to earn $ART tokens, which they can spend or hold. By earning and holding $ART tokens, customers can access exclusive benefits, while the partner benefits from the increased engagement and loyalty of their customers.

Tokenomics & Valuations

The $ART token is LiveArt’s utility token designed to enhance brands using art. It can be used by partners to offer reward programs, including loyalty, membership, and referral systems. Partners can personalise the token’s use cases with configurable utilities to suit their audience’s needs.

The $ART token aims to connect diverse communities across various industries such as gaming, hospitality, web3, entertainment, art, luxury, music, and beauty with unique art-rooted utilities. By incentivizing partners and users, LiveArt hopes to bring the power of art to a wider audience through its utility token.

Liveart has a plan to use $ART tokens to support the project’s longevity and benefit the community. LiveArt is backed by some of the top crypto exchanges and Web3 investors, including Binance Labs, Animoca Brands, Hashkey Capital, OKX Blockdream Ventures, KuCoin Labs, ArkStream Capital, BlackPine, Adrian Cheng, Aspen Digital, SNZ, AppWorks, Labs, APENFT, CertiK, and Shima Capital. This strong support from industry leaders and seasoned investors is a testament to LiveArt’s innovative approach and promising potential in the NFT and art trading space.


LiveArt’s team consists of seasoned entrepreneurs with extensive knowledge and connections in the art industry, as well as advanced data modelling and AI applications. With over 40 professionals, including a world-class curatorial team and product engineering ninjas, LiveArt is well-positioned to transform the art market with web3. The team’s experience in premier art institutions has made LiveArt a success, with a strong foundation for continued leadership in the industry.

Adam Chinn, Co-Founder & Co-Chairman:
Adam Chinn is Sotheby’s Executive Vice President and Global Head of Transaction Support. He co-founded boutique investment bank Centerview Partners LLC and was a partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz. He holds the positions of Chairman of the Board of the On Course Foundation and Member of the Board of the Young People’s Chorus of New York City.

John Auerbach, Co-Founder & Co-Chairman:
John Auerbach is the CEO of UOVO and Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of LiveArt Holdings. He formerly served as the Executive Vice President of Art, Objects, Luxury, and Digital Companies at Sotheby’s and was a founding member of Gilt Groupe. He holds a B.A. from Duke University and an MBA from the Columbia Business School.

Boris Pevzner, Co-Founder and CEO:
Boris Pevzner is the Managing Director of LiveArt Holdings and was the CEO and Co-Founder of Carggo, which was acquired by in 2020. He formerly served as the CEO and Founder of Collectrium, which Christie’s purchased in 2015. Boris holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


In conclusion, LiveArt has developed a platform that leverages the power of blockchain technology to disrupt the art market and bring the power of art to a wider audience. Their innovative approach has attracted top-tier investors and strategic partners, including Binance Labs, Animoca Brands, OKX, Samsung Ventures, Hashkey, and Aspen Capital. Through their strategic partnerships, LiveArt is positioning itself as a leader in the art-tech space and creating a network effect that could prove difficult for competitors to replicate.

The combination of LiveArt’s experienced team, innovative product features, unique business model, and attractive tokenomics makes it an exciting investment opportunity. The LiveArt team has a track record of successful fundraising and execution, with multiple rounds of funding completed and a roadmap in place for future growth. They have also established a strong community of collectors, creators, and partners that are enthusiastic about the platform and its potential.

Mapleblock has invested in LiveArt because we believe that they have the potential to disrupt the art market and become a billion-dollar business. Their unique approach to connecting artists and collectors, leveraging blockchain technology to enhance the art experience, and creating a network effect through strategic partnerships sets them apart from other players in the space. We believe that LiveArt has the potential to revolutionise the art market and create significant value for investors, creators, collectors, and partners alike.