ChainGPT – AI solutions for Web3 Ecosystem

We made a strategic investment in ChainGPT alongside Maven Capital, and others. ChainGPT delivers a diverse array of specialized AI solutions tailored explicitly for Blockchain, Crypto, and Web3 applications.

Polyhedra Network – Bringing Advanced Interoperability and Scalability

We made a strategic investment in Polyhedra Network alongside Polychain Capital, HashKey Capital and others. Polyhedra Network is bringing interoperability and scalability to Web3 with cutting-edge zero-knowledge proof systems.

Canza Finance – Africa’s Gateway to Prosperity

We made a strategic investment in Canza Finance alongside Polychain Capital, 99 Capital and others. Canza Finance is a Web3 neobank that facilitates cross-border payments for African startups.

Taiko – Revolutionizing Ethereum Scaling with ZK-Rollups

We made a strategic investment in Taiko alongside Generative Ventures, Kucoin Ventures and others. Taiko is a fully decentralized, Ethereum – equivalent ZK-rollup (Type 1 ZK-EVM) aiming to scale Ethereum while upholding the root principles of security, permissionless, and decentralization.

LiveArt – The Next Gen Art Market

We made a strategic investment in LiveArt along side Binance Labs, Animoca and others. LiveArt is a revolutionary web3 platform that uses AI-powered market analytics and a global art database to connect digital art buyers with utility enhanced by art.

Sei Network – Revolutionizing the DeFi Landscape

We made a strategic investment in Sei Network along side Distributed Global, Multicoin Capital, Asymmetric, Flow Traders, Hypersphere, and others. Sei is a layer 1 blockchain specialized for trading providing fast transaction speed, low fees and high throughput.

Onomy provides rails for the $6.6T per day forex market to plug into DeFi

We made a strategic investment in Onomy’s $10M private round along side GSR, DWF labs, CMS holdings, Bitfinex etc. Onomy is a multi-chain platform that combines Forex and Decentralized Finance, by providing the necessary infrastructure to plug in the Forex market into DeFi directly. It includes a complete ecosystem of offerings that include Arc Bridge Hub, Access Mobile Wallet, and the Onomy Exchange.

Few and Far, the next-gen NFT platform

We made a strategic investment in Few and Far, along with Metaweb, Pantera, Huobi Ventures, Arkstream Capital, and Hypersphere.

SkyArk, the Singapore-based studio with a revolutionary approach towards GameFi

We made a strategic investment in SkyArk along with Binance labs.

Ready, making infrastructure for Web3 games & Dev creator economy

We participated in a $3M funding round for Ready Games along with Hashed, BitKraft, IOSG Ventures, Spartan, Tribe Capital and Fundamental Labs

Frontier is the FRONT seat to Crypto & DeFi

We invested in Frontier’s $1.9M seed round alongside with Coinbase ventures, Coingecko, Mechanism Capital and many more.

Earn yield through utility via Fluidity Money

We invested in Fluidity’s $1.3M seed round alongside with Circle, Multicoin Capital, MakerDAO, Solana Ventures, Lemniscap and many more.