SkyArk, the Singapore-based studio with a revolutionary approach towards GameFi

  1. Introduction
  2. What is SkyArk?
  3. Market Dynamics
  4. SkyArk Chronicles
  5. Sky Engine 
  6. What sets SkyArk apart?
  7. Timeline 
  8. Team
  9. Conclusion


GameFi is a fascinating application that combines blockchain, tokens, and gaming. While the domain has suffered from the recent downturn in the overall crypto ecosystem, GameFi is undoubtedly the future of gaming, and SkyArk is in a pole position to capitalize on this fledgling industry. With its flagship trilogy of artful anime-based gameplay titles, SkyArk Chronicles, the Studio aims to provide an engaging gaming experience, complete with a robust P2E mechanism and unique NFT functionality.

What is SkyArk?

SkyArk Studio is Singapore’s top blockchain AAA gaming studio and  participant in Binance Labs’ incubator programme. The development team thinks that GameFi must have fun in the future while also giving gamers a sense of legitimacy. The team wants SkyArk Chronicles to be a GameFi project with a JRPG genre concentrating on players, so they may draw the actual sense of pleasure from the game series.

SkyArk Chronicles is a GameFi project with the idea of a Japanese anime adaptation. The project includes a number of different video games that are all part of the SkyArk Chronicles multiverse and offer fantastic game narratives to get lost in.

SkyArk Chronicles uses blockchain technology to create a new intellectual property (IP) for expansions of games into collectibles, merchandise, animation, and movies.

Market Dynamics

GameFi is still a young space compared to the web2 gaming market, which is today valued at over $300 billion. The hypothesis that gaming and metaverse projects will be leaders in the next cycle and onboard the next 100 million users to cryptocurrency is supported by the persistence of investment and user activity in blockchain games. The market has been rapidly expanding, and it now has a token market cap of over $5 billion. Notably, despite the crypto winter, GameFi networks have persisted in being successful. While GameFi users statistics have taken a nosedive recently, the industry has already secured $7 billion in the first three quarters of 2022, a considerable jump compared to the 2021 figure. By 2031, it is expected that the industry would be worth over $70 billion.

SkyArk Chronicles

SkyArk Chronicles is a fantasy Japanese Role-Playing Game (JRPG) with NFT implementation developed by SkyArk Studio. 

SkyArk Chronicles is an innovative Blockchain GameFi IP that tells the story of the real world of blockchain cryptocurrency in a fantastical universe in order to make Web3 more relatable to Web2 natives. They are also the first AAA gaming studio in blockchain gaming to obtain Fairy Tail IP, a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima. 

The game is divided into a trilogy, where two of them are focused on” GameFi JRPG”, and one on “SocialFi Open World”. The two JRPG games will have various topics presented in various chronological storylines; the first game will take place in a fantasy setting and depict the beginning of life on SkyArkVerse, while the second game will take place in the modern era.

Let’s understand the narratives that these three titles represent,

House of Heroes (HOH)

The first title of this chronicle is House of Heroes. In this series there was complete darkness until Satoshi Nakamoto created and breathed life into the SkyArkVerse. As we all know, darkness inevitably follows light. So to fight this darkness, players will have to battle alongside Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator and leader of SkyArkVerse, against the evil forces that are encroaching on the land. 

To find heroes, tokens, equipment, materials, and other items, players must dispatch their heroes on missions. They need to assemble a team of five people to complete campaigns, perform daily objectives for rewards, and battle bosses. To become a stronger group and complete more challenging quests, they can also establish guilds. Additionally, they can purchase Skylands and use it to start from scratch, constructing their own palace and staking their coins for harvesting. 

Legends Arise(LA)

The second title of the chronicle is Legends Arise (3D ARPG Game). This story takes place during the mysterious disappearance of Satoshi Nakamoto from the SkyArkVerse. Unfortunately, no one anticipated his disappearance, so the members got bandied together at this stage to save SkyArkVerse from the Dark Commander.

SkyArkVerse (SAV)

The Chronicle’s concluding title, the:SkyArkVerse, comes after the title of Legends Arise. Now that members have vanquished the evil forces of Legends Arise and restored harmony to the SkyArkVerse, one enters the SkyArkVerse.

The old Heroes and Legends of this place will have to restore their domains after the battle. Players will have complete control over Skylands, enabling resource mining, building construction, harvesting, and many other activities! Parallel universes can be found here, and new parallel universes can be created as well as bridged, allowing us to travel through time and into the future.

All  three games will use common NFTs, which means that a single NFT is interoperable across the different titles and in various forms and gameplay. Their NFTs are interoperable between HOH and LA and will enter HOH in 2D form while entering LA in 3D form. HOH NFTs are able to play in LA and farm out modern equipment & items but are unable to equip them onto NFTs- they can only sell the farm items on marketplace. 

SkyArk aims to establish an IP multiverse that promotes metaverse co-creation, play, and expansion and NFT interoperability is integral to achieving the same.

Also, the characters in these games are created in a way that makes them distinct along several chains. For example, the hero figure on a BTC chain is the eldest son of King Satoshi, the commander of the royal army on a BNB chain, and the master of swordsmanship on an AVAX chain.

SkyHeroes: Character Classes in SkyArk Chronicles

At the start of the game, players will be allowed to select Satoshi Nakamoto as either a Warrior, Archer, or Mage as their leader. The five primary classes of SkyHeroes will after that be available for players to choose from, including

  • Swordsman: Uses powerful weapons and shield to defend comrades from invading forces.
  •  Magician: Casts potent offensive spells with broad zones of influence.
  •  Acolyte: Supports allies in their altruistic commitment to helping others by healing them and giving them buffs.
  •  Thief: Avoids hostile attacks by using stealth and the chance to strike opponents with lethal blades.
  •  Archer: Masters of long-range attacks with their bows and arrows.

The heroes’ NFTs feature unique characteristics such as voice overs (done by professional voice actors like Yoshino Nanjo and Yuki Kaji), eye patterns, and bloodlines, and they appear in several games in various ways (2D, 3D, Voxel). They have their own soundtrack along with lyrics on SkyArk Metaverse. Their music are produced together with So-Net (Sony Music) Octave Music

In future there would be other unique characteristics that are going to be introduced like hair color, hair design, eye color, skin color, birth background etc.

Token Utility

SkyArk Chronicles introduced 2 tokens named SkyArk Ruins($SAR) and Relic Energy Ore($REO) where $REO is earned in-game and can be used to upgrade heroes, fuse heroes, and purchase buildings in games and on the other hand $SAR has a limited supply and can be found only by the strongest monsters, hidden caves and the premium skylines. It can also be distributed by merchants in-game for players to fight in arenas.

Sky Engine

SkyEngine, a proprietary NFT Engine developed by SkyArk, promises to serve as a link between conventional brands and the Web3 metaverse. Powered by LayerZero and ALTLayer , the Sky Engine aims to bridge Web2 IPs and brands onto Web3. SkyArk believes NFTs should be interoperable between titles and cross-chains due to which they are launching their PFPs NFTs with LayerZero’s Omni-chain technology. The PFPs are designed to grant holders early access to all projects incubated by Sky Engine. All these NFTprojects that will be incubated are interoperable into SkyArkVerse as well. 

Also, the collaboration with AltLayer enables them to offer scalability options like low gas fees, multi-chain integration, decentralization, which will empower L1 and L2s. Together SkyEngine x LayerZero x AltLayer will challenge the roll up solutions of Immutable x Starkware. 

Basically, primary advantages for them is their ability to advise each project based on their needs to build ideally on the selected chain. Web2 game firms and artists can launch their projects through SkyEngine. In order to have seamless interaction experiences, brands and IPs can quickly integrate into their SkyArk metaverse at great ease and cheaper costs. All these NFTprojects incubated via Sky Engine are interoperable into SkyArkVerse as well. 

With their NFT engine, SkyArk hopes to lead the way in providing blockchain-as-a-service to Web3 projects. There are numerous new emerging chains and “Ethereum Request for Comment” (ERC) specifications that will transform the game-playing experience.

What sets SkyArk apart?

SkyArk Studio acknowledges that the biggest challenge most GameFi crypto projects have been facing is sustainability. The majority of ventures prioritize gaining quick money through the game’s economics over developing a strategy that will last. To create SkyArk Chronicles as a game that players will enjoy while also allowing them to own in-game assets, SkyArk Studio set out to establish and build on a Play-and-Own concept rather than employing the Play-to-Earn model. The fact that these assets may be used with other games in the series makes this even more fascinating.



They are a group of veterans who have previously worked on AAA mobile games from companies like XII Braves, Garena, Gameloft & Gumi for more than 10 years. Their Singapore game studio was acquired by Tencent’s Century games as they produced 4 titles that grossed over 100 million and 2.5 million users. We bring a passion for high-quality entertainment to the gaming industry.

Chris Ng (Co-Founder & CEO) is a visionary leader who has been in the gaming industry for the past 16 years and has co-founded both Singapore and Taiwan game studios. He oversees around 150 employees working in both the studios and M&A for a listed Chinese firm. aims to lead SkyArk Studio alongside his veterans, who have collaborated with him on numerous AAA mobile games. 

Kelvin Chua (Co-Founder & COO) has over 12 years in Fundraising and M&A. Been a co-founder and partner in 50 Mn AUM venture funds. He oversaw investments in Myanmar and served as a distributor for global companies like Electrolux, 3M, ASUS, Alibaba, etc. He used to play video games competitively, and he loves video games. 

Jonathan Zhang (Co-Founder & CCDO) has 15 years of experience working in the front office and managerial roles in both private and public firms in a variety of industries (banking, entertainment, and digital assets) and organizations (Standard Chartered Bank, CitiBank, 360 DigiTech, etc.). He has established numerous businesses, including ones that manage Regulated Funds, Digital Assets, and Crypto OTC platforms. He has also taken one of his businesses public.

 Jay Too (Co-Founder & CSO) holds a degree with honours in accounting and finance and is CACS certified. He entered the cryptocurrency area and is currently successfully managing a fund that incorporates a wide portfolio of crypto assets after more than five years of experience in the financial sector and private banking.

 JJ (CTO) first built his team and projects before starting a software company that built layers. He is an expert in lending and borrowing protocol and has developed numerous Defi ventures. Over 60 engineers were under his management for those projects. He and his engineers will create the SkyArk NFT Game Engine.


Throughout the 21st century, entertainment, and particularly gaming, have been major drivers of innovation. It should come as no surprise that one of the first cultural contexts and media where people will be able to first-hand experience the advancements made possible by blockchain technology in a way that is not strictly financial is gaming.

However, given the many parallels between the history of free-to-play gaming and blockchain gaming, early entrants into the market should be closely watched due to possible market growth dynamics.

At Mapleblock, we think SkyArk is in a great position to take the lead in the ecosystem as the team at SkyArk has a deep understanding of the market, which enables them to bring really exciting gameplay in an anime style that will appeal to a bigger audience while assisting other web2 players in making the move to the web3 ecosystem.