February 2023 – RWAs: The Bridge to Crypto for the masses

Introduction DeFi yields have fallen by over US$120B since November 2021, closely correlating with two-year lows in transaction volume and investor participation. To address this, Real World Assets (“RWAs”) are being tokenized and brought on-chain to be used as a source of yield within DeFi. RWAs can represent many different kinds of traditional assets such

January 2023 – Year 2022 in Review

Introduction The crypto market entered a deep bear market in 2022 as global liquidity constricted and the Federal Reserve kept raising interest rates. The market was in a state of upheaval as many projects failed.  As a result, governments all over the world started to intervene and control the cryptocurrency sector. To safeguard investors, control

Onomy provides rails for the $6.6T per day forex market to plug into DeFi

We made a strategic investment in Onomy’s $10M private round along side GSR, DWF labs, CMS holdings, Bitfinex etc. Onomy is a multi-chain platform that combines Forex and Decentralized Finance, by providing the necessary infrastructure to plug in the Forex market into DeFi directly. It includes a complete ecosystem of offerings that include Arc Bridge Hub, Access Mobile Wallet, and the Onomy Exchange.

November & December 2022 – The fall of CeFi and the rise of DeFi

Introduction Ever since the emergence of cryptocurrencies and the encompassing ecosystem, there has been a consistent debate regarding the optimal degree of decentralization. Decentralization is among the most fundamental tenets of blockchain technology, but achieving a highly secure and scalable system is difficult as advocated by the blockchain trilemma. Various projects within a similar domain

Few and Far, the next-gen NFT platform

We made a strategic investment in Few and Far, along with Metaweb, Pantera, Huobi Ventures, Arkstream Capital, and Hypersphere.

SkyArk, the Singapore-based studio with a revolutionary approach towards GameFi

We made a strategic investment in SkyArk along with Binance labs.

Ready, making infrastructure for Web3 games & Dev creator economy

We participated in a $3M funding round for Ready Games along with Hashed, BitKraft, IOSG Ventures, Spartan, Tribe Capital and Fundamental Labs

Frontier is the FRONT seat to Crypto & DeFi

We invested in Frontier’s $1.9M seed round alongside with Coinbase ventures, Coingecko, Mechanism Capital and many more.

Earn yield through utility via Fluidity Money

We invested in Fluidity’s $1.3M seed round alongside with Circle, Multicoin Capital, MakerDAO, Solana Ventures, Lemniscap and many more.

October 2022 – Welcome to the Metaverse

Introduction to the Metaverse In Oct 2021, Facebook changed its name to Meta Platforms and promised to invest $10 billion in its Reality Labs operation. In Jan 2022, Microsoft made a $69 billion bet with the acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Since then, Metaverse as a keyword on Google searches is used very often, often without

Decentralization for everyone through dynamic state sharding

We invested in Shardeum’s $18.2M seed round alongside with Struck Crypto, Jane Street, DFG, CoinGecko, Spartan and many more.

September 2022 – Bridge Attacks

From the conception of Bitcoin in 2009 to the multi-chain environment we observe today, the crypto space has come a long way, and as the industry developed, so did the spectrum of means to exploit it. Every so often, the industry has suffered from major attacks draining the ecosystem of millions of dollars, and in