Few and Far, the next-gen NFT platform

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Few and Far?
  3. Market Dynamics
  4. Few and Far Platform Features
  5. Market Competition
  6. Tokenomics
  7. Timeline
  8. Team
  9. Conclusion


Among the most significant implementation of blockchain technology, NFTs have taken the crypto ecosystem by storm in recent years. Connecting everything from digital art, music, memes to gaming and Metaverse, NFTs are ubiquitous and ever-evolving. Few and Far is building a comprehensive marketplace platform around this promising technology on the NEAR protocol, providing a robust infrastructure for firms and users engaging with the crypto space.

What is Few and Far?

Few and Far is the next-generation NFT Marketplace built on NEAR Protocol. Few and Far aims to become the all-inclusive platform for brands to onboard into Web3 by facilitating NFTs and digital collections launch. The platform can serve as a comprehensive gateway for firms to interact with the Web3 ecosystem, with Few and Far providing

  • Licensed IP generation with automatic royalty payments
  • Out-of-the-box minting and smart contracts for NFT collections
  • Custom brand channel and featured listings
  • Marketing support through community and NEAR ecosystem amplification

The marketplace will also feature DeFi functionality, allowing users to stake or provide liquidity for the $FAR token, which is central to the Few and Far ecosystem.

Market Dynamics

Over the past several months, the NFT market has expanded at an astounding rate. With a YoY rise of 21,350%, the sector saw over $17 billion in transactional volume in 2021, and the secondary market generated $5.4 billion in profit. Since 2020, both the number of wallets/users and transactions has increased at a phenomenal rate, but recent unfavorable macroeconomic conditions and extremely volatile cryptocurrency market prices have led to somewhat subpar 2022 figures.

As for the NEAR ecosystem, the protocol has registered robust user growth despite adverse market sentiment, with a 198% increase in new accounts in Q2 2022 and passing the 20 million wallets milestone in Q3 2022.

Few and Far Platform Features

Few and Far’s Marketplace promises the industry-best experience with several unique features 

  • Apart from a best-in-class launchpad, Few and Far have extensively streamlined the onboarding process to attract non-native users while maintaining non-custodial wallet characteristics.
  • Few and Far aims to induce omnichain interoperability allowing digital assets to traverse to external large-volume markets through Aurora’s layer-2 solution with EVM compatibility.
  • The marketplace will also feature dedicated sections for P2E and in-game assets through Far Gaming. Similar functionality is to be implemented for music through Far Jukebox. In-app rewards are further planned to be introduced to encourage fan engagement.
  • The platform provides a distinctive mix of NFTs and DeFi, along with rewards for staking and farming. Users can induce liquidity into the FAR ecosystem through $NEAR-FAR-LP tokens and earn $FAR tokens in return, while conservative DeFi users can stake $FAR tokens. 

Few and Far’s platform is unparalleled in its ability to offer creators modularity in terms of customer experience and NFT contract specification.

  • For partners that want to tailor the end-user interface without sacrificing scalability for NFT markets, Few and Far’s white-labeled NFT Marketplace solutions come with tremendous customization capabilities. The solution also provides a community whitelist service.
  • Creators may organize and publish digital collections using the no-code NFT studio. Users of the Launchpad can develop and deploy contracts using “contract templates” available in the NFT studio.
  • Few and Far NFT Standard allows owners to modify mint parameters and various smart contract details through the Creator Tool, allowing them the freedom to impose royalties and sales terms how they see appropriate.

The NEAR Protocol’s next-generation blockchain speed, scalability, and security were considered while designing Few and Far’s technological infrastructure, including contracts, database, API, front end, and backend search mechanism, ensuring the platform’s readiness for any technological advancement in the NFT sub-domain.

To expand the network and show its dedication to future governance, rewards, and access, Few and Far will also mint, airdrop, and sell a native-platform NFT collection. The user’s proof of ownership in the Few and Far Ecosystem will be these FnF NFT cards.

Market Competition




Meet the Co-founders

Chris Hayer (CTO) 

Chris is an experienced entrepreneur with extensive experience as a C-level executive, engineer, and advisor with over 20 years of leading technical implementations, building companies, and delivering large-scale web platforms and mobile applications. He previously established Guardian Circle, a Personal Safety Network application integrated with the NEO blockchain, and currently also serves as the principal consultant at HayesData Systems

Chris Gale (COO) 

Chris is a serial entrepreneur and active investor with a passion for Web3 and the open Metaverse. Chris previously founded  Odyssey, a mobile advertising platform, and Verasity, a Blockchain video-sharing platform, and then further went on to establish Vieworks, a sales and marketing platform. He currently serves as the CEO of Metaedge ventures, along with multiple advisory positions.

Taj Tarsha (Head of Design)

Taj is a Syrian-American entrepreneur and developer with over 10+ years of experience designing consumer web applications and scaling DeFi, NFTs, and Metaverse projects. He previously co-founded Smile Coin,  a DeFi gaming portfolio and payment infrastructure platform on Algorand.


NFTs adoption has an extremely promising trajectory ahead as the technology will form the basis for multiple multi-billion dollar industries and ingrain itself in the various domains of the entertainment and media space, and we at Mapleblock Capital firmly believe that Few and Far, with an exceedingly competitive and polished offering is well placed to occupy a commanding position in the fledging industry.