Decentralization for everyone through dynamic state sharding

We invested in Shardeum’s $18.2M seed round alongside with Struck Crypto, Jane Street, DFG, CoinGecko, Spartan and many more.

No more wash-trading via AI-enabled bitsCrunch

We invested in bitsCrunch strategic round along side Coinbase Ventures, Animoca, Polygon,, Covalent, LedgerPrime and others

Interoperable branded assest for metaverses

We invested in Metaprints which is creating a blueprint for Metaverses and is an Animoca subsidiary

Parametric Cover Protocol that provides financial protection

We backed Neptune Mutual’s $5.3M round along side Animoca, Coinbase Ventures, Fenbushi, Okx, Huobi, GSR and others

Neptune mutual

Investment in Cross Chain Assets management with privacy

We invested in Zecrey’s $3.5M Strategic round along side Binance Labs, Spartan, Fundamental Labs, Fenbushi Capital, Amber and many others

Two-Sided NFT-backed P2B Loan Protocol

We invested in Pine’s $3M Private round along side Sino Global, Amber, Spartan, Alameda Research, Impossible Finance, Gate Labs etc. Pine is a decentralized NFT-backed borrowing and lending protocol providing a 2-sided platform where NFT holders gain access to liquidity and for cryptocurrency holders to earn yield.

Pine Protocol

Cross Dex Margin Trading

We made a strategic investment in Primex’s seed round of $5.7M along side CoinFund, Hypersphere, Wintermute, Stratos Technologies, GSR, LedgerPrime and others. Primex is a new prime brokerage liquidity protocol for margin trading on DEXs with trader scoring mechanisms.

Africa’s Portal to Crypto Economy

We are excited to announce our strategic investment in MARA’s $23M raise alongside FTX, Coinbase and many other investors. Mara is building a centralized cryptocurrency exchange with Pan-Africa servicing, an open finance and lending platform, and an NFT marketplace, all tailored to the requirements of the African populace.


NFT Marketplace for music and entertainment industry

We made a strategic investment in LimeWire seed round of $10.4M along side Kraken Ventures, XRP Arrington Capital,, GSR and others. LimeWire, which originally started as a P2P file-sharing platform for music and films, returns in 2022 as an NFT marketplace for the music industry with community hosting features for artists and fans.


Bridging Liquidity with Router Protocol

We backed Router Protocol in their $4.1M private round along side Coinbase, Wintermute and others. Router Protocol is a cross-chain infrastructure layer enabling seamless communication and transfer of assets across multiple prominent blockchain networks, expanding the realm of possibilities in DeFi.

Router protocol

Pocket Network-Investment Thesis

Pocket Network is a decentralized infrastructure protocol. The project tackles the data dependence of dApps on centralized infrastructure providers and delivers a resilient and distributed solution to cater to their data requirement needs.

DeFi Land-Investment thesis

DeFi land is a multi-chain gamified asset management layer for decentralized finance. The project seeks to unlock mass adoption of DeFi through a friendly user experience & onboarding process. The project combines elements of play-to-earn blockchain games alongside an easy-to-use DeFi management toolkit.