ChainGPT – AI solutions for Web3 Ecosystem

  1. Introduction
  2. ChainGPT
  3. AI Tools and Applications
  4. APIs and SDKs
  5. ChainGPT Grant Support
  6. ChainGPT Pad
  7. Tokenomics
  8. Market Overview
  9. Team
  10. Conclusion


In the 15 years since the inception of Bitcoin, blockchain technology has had a profound impact. It has transformed how businesses operate, how people conduct transactions, and many other areas. Its decentralized and transparent design has enhanced efficiency and introduced numerous new uses. Yet, the evolution of blockchain continues. As we move forward we are bound to see the fusion of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. 

The year 2023 marked a pivotal moment for generative AI, largely propelled by the introduction of ChatGPT by OpenAI. Notably, technology giants such as Google and Meta also joined the race by developing their large language models to stay competitive. As a result, industry experts have begun exploring the myriad potential applications of AI-generated content within the Web3 landscape. Currently, we are witnessing the fusion of blockchain and artificial intelligence, where crypto and blockchain merge with a sophisticated AI model named ChainGPT, unleashing fresh realms of potential.


ChainGPT serves as an AI model tailored to address various needs and applications within the crypto and blockchain industry. Its comprehensive suite of services encompasses blockchain analytics, AI trading, smart contract development, AI auditing, risk management, and more. With accessible SDK & API products, developers have the flexibility to either create entirely new applications or seamlessly integrate ChainGPT’s capabilities into existing ones.

Access to ChainGPT’s tools and offerings is facilitated through ownership of the $CGPT token. One of ChainGPT’s standout features is its AI chatbot and code assistant specifically designed for smart-contract developers. Powered by deep learning networks, ChainGPT excels in generating natural language text. It is trained on an extensive dataset related to crypto and blockchain technology. Thus, it possesses the ability to comprehend and respond to inquiries on the subject matter. Beyond its core functionalities, ChainGPT also serves as a reliable source for the latest updates and breaking news within the crypto and blockchain industry. It also offers predictive insights into crypto prices and valuable assistance with programming and development tasks pertinent to crypto and blockchain technology.

AI Tools and Applications

AI Web3 Chatbot

Chatbots represent a fundamental aspect of interacting with advanced AI models like Large Language Models. They stand as powerful applications of artificial intelligence that intend to mimic or even surpass human conversation through intuitive man-machine interfaces. They offer significant social value across all user levels, from individual consumers to large corporations.

In the realm of cryptocurrency and the rapidly evolving Web3 landscape, navigating the complexities of digital assets and blockchain technologies can be overwhelming. ChainGPT’s AI Web3 Chatbot emerges as a vital companion. It is armed with a dynamic database sourced from a multitude of crypto, blockchain, and Web3 industry resources. This database encompasses a comprehensive understanding of historical knowledge, including market data, technological advancements, regulatory frameworks, and more. Moreover, ChainGPT evolves alongside the industry, ensuring its relevance and accuracy in providing real-time insights and assistance.

ChainGPT’s Web3 Chatbot serves diverse functions. Firstly, it acts as a flexible domain expert that is capable of providing unlimited and accurate information on demand. Whether deciphering complex concepts or offering market analysis, the AI chatbot adapts to various user needs. Secondly, it functions as a community manager that can autonomously interact with and entertain digital communities. This aspect enhances user engagement and fosters a sense of community within the Web3 space. Furthermore, ChainGPT’s AI Chatbot seamlessly integrates into custom applications, offering a tailored user experience. Its versatility makes it a valuable addition to any digital platform. Additionally, researchers and traders benefit from ChainGPT’s AI Chatbot. It can serve as a research assistant and trade facilitator, respectively. By aggregating and analyzing vast amounts of data in real-time, researchers can extract valuable insights, while traders can streamline their analysis processes and make informed decisions more efficiently.

AI NFT Generator

Generative Art has emerged as a new frontier for self-expression, attracting a wide range of creatives to the digital asset industry. ChainGPT introduces a generative AI model that goes beyond Crypto, Blockchain, and Web3, seamlessly integrating into an intuitive user interface to increase creative process flexibility.

The ChainGPT AI NFT Generator provides two distinct generation options that cater to specific requirements. The “Single NFT” option is designed for ultra-custom requests, requiring meticulous attention to detail and a limited supply to ensure optimal quality. Whether artists want to express personal emotions or businesses need abstract imagery for content, this option effectively meets even the most complex requirements.

Alternatively, the “Collection” option is ideal for scenarios necessitating large batches of unique art, such as ticketing and community-building endeavors. Rather than mass-producing identical tickets, users can provide audiences with unique yet recognizable designs. Collections based on a single prompt foster a cohesive visual identity, uniting community members under a shared principle.

AI-Generated News

The ChainGPT Automated AI News scours reputable sources such as Decrypt, CoinDesk, and CoinTelegraph, relying on social confirmation signals from platforms like Twitter. It meticulously analyzes articles to extract consistent truths and valuable insights while removing irrelevant content. A key innovation is the elimination of human intervention, which reduces bias and ensures accuracy using a sophisticated self-checking system. Real-time learning, concise summaries, bias reduction, and excess removal are among the key benefits. Applications include community modules that provide updated information, daily news releases for media agencies, and interactive trading guides. ChainGPT’s Automated AI News simplifies information consumption by providing users with the most relevant insights without requiring extensive searching or biased interpretations.

AI Smart-Contract Generator

Web3 decentralized applications rely heavily on smart contracts, but writing them from scratch requires a lot of time and attention to detail. ChainGPT uses its AI model to generate smart contracts efficiently. ChainGPT’s AI can generate smart contracts on demand, all thanks to extensive training on a dataset encompassing smart contract code, security procedures, standardized libraries, and real-world examples. This method greatly raises the quality of prototyping and speeds up innovation. The ChainGPT Smart Contract Generator offers several noteworthy advantages. Depending on complexity, contracts can be generated in a matter of minutes, significantly cutting down on the time required for contract creation. Furthermore, the low cost makes the creation of smart contracts accessible to developers and business owners with limited resources or expertise. The flexibility of the Generator allows for the development of a wide range of contract types, from straightforward tokens to decentralized NFT exchanges. The development of decentralized applications and the decentralized economy is accelerated by this wide functionality.

AI Smart Contract Auditor

Coding errors can result in devastating exploits that cost users billions of dollars and erode ecosystem trust. The permanent nature of data with distributed ledger and blockchain technologies increases the significance of security in international economic environments. The Smart Contract Auditor can analyze code and look for anomalies or possible threats before deployment. The Auditor provides proactive security enhancement by leveraging insights from the extensive history of the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3 industries. It adds an extra layer of security by blending in with the development process.

Another significant benefit of the ChainGPT Smart Contract Auditor is its time efficiency. Traditional audits are known to be very expensive and time-consuming, but ChainGPT’s solution performs comprehensive scans in a matter of minutes. This quick analysis lowers the possibility of exploitation by ensuring that possible vulnerabilities are found and fixed right away. The Auditor is significantly less expensive than conventional security assessments. It reduces costs by up to two orders of magnitude with a fixed-cost model per call or prompt. This makes security assessments more accessible and reasonably priced for developers and businesses. In general, ChainGPT’s Smart Contract Auditor is an essential tool for lowering risks, building ecosystem trust, and improving the security and dependability of smart contracts in the decentralized digital economy.

AI Trading Assistant

The ChainGPT AI Trading Assistant offers a comprehensive suite of features to empower users to navigate the crypto markets efficiently. It simplifies technical research and analysis which helps both beginners and experts. One of the main features is AI-driven technical analysis. The assistant can accurately identify chart patterns for more than 5,000 supported cryptocurrency tokens. Price analysis provides important information for trading and investment decisions by monitoring the historical and present price activity of thousands of digital assets.

The Assistant effectively detects patterns and separates noise by utilizing a range of indicator tools, such as RSI, EMA, SMA, and Bollinger bands. Sentiment analysis evaluates market sentiment and cross-reference trading hypotheses by utilizing a variety of data sources. Users can stay up to date on market developments in real-time with the help of live news updates, which provide clear, concise information. Various chart patterns, such as double tops, head and shoulders, triangles, and wedges, are supported. Additionally, market indicators and bearish/bullish signals that are derived from on-chain and exchange data offer additional insights.

In general, the ChainGPT AI Trading Assistant increases efficiency and confidence in navigating the volatile cryptocurrency markets by providing users with the knowledge and resources they need to make wise trading decisions.


An API acts as a link between various software programs, facilitating data sharing and communication between them. ChainGPT’s API enables businesses to effortlessly integrate the advanced capabilities of its AI technology into their existing platforms. This integration might entail using ChainGPT’s AI-powered analytics within a business’s data processing system or integrating its AI Chatbot into a company’s customer support portal. Businesses can tailor AI functionalities to meet their unique needs, gain interoperability without having to completely overhaul their systems, and benefit from the efficiency of automatically updated and changed applications without requiring manual intervention. Ultimately, ChainGPT’s API empowers businesses to enhance their operations and customer experiences through the integration of cutting-edge AI solutions.

Software Development Kits are an all-inclusive collection of resources and tools used by developers to build apps for particular frameworks or platforms. Consider it a toolbox that offers pre-made functionalities and components to make the process of developing an application easier. In the case of ChainGPT, its SDKs enable companies to create unique applications that take advantage of the sophisticated features of ChainGPT’s AI. For businesses looking to create specialized tools or applications that need to be deeply integrated with ChainGPT’s AI features, this offering is invaluable. Businesses can take advantage of pre-built libraries and tools to accelerate development, customize solutions to fit their specific requirements, and optimize performance and consistency across all of their applications.

ChainGPT Grant Support

The purpose of the ChainGPT Grant Program is to support developers and teams working at the intersection of blockchain and artificial intelligence. They aim to support projects from early MVP stages to established ventures looking to integrate ChainGPT into their offerings or improve them through Builder, Growth, and Research Grants. Their assistance includes funding, marketing support, technical advice, and potential partnership opportunities. The Grant program prioritizes projects with specific goals and deadlines for completion and wants to promote innovation and growth in the blockchain and AI space, whether that means supporting new projects or growing existing ones.

Three support tiers are available through the ChainGPT Grant Program, each suited to a distinct stage of development. Projects looking to integrate ChainGPT, improve their product offerings with advanced AI capabilities, or take part in ChainGPT’s acceleration and incubation programs are the focus of Growth Grants, which range in size from $10,000 to $50,000. Builder Grants, with a maximum value of $10,000, support early-stage projects that are centered around creating MVPs, proof of concepts, or experiments. They are especially beneficial for projects that are exploring integration with ChainGPT or that have a narrow scope and need to be completed on short notice. These grants are also appropriate for initiatives that support the development of communities and plan to provide AI products to their members. 

Furthermore, research grants that provide financial support for teams conducting research at the intersection of blockchain and AI are available, with amounts ranging from $1,000 to $5,000. ChainGPT hopes to promote cooperation, experimentation, and innovation in the blockchain and AI communities through these grants.

ChainGPT Pad

For Web3 projects hoping to establish their token ecosystems and present their ideas to the public, the ChainGPT Pad acts as a launchpad and IDO platform. It functions by supporting the two main players in the market: the “producers” (projects) and the “consumers” (participants).

The ChainGPT team puts each project through a thorough qualitative analysis process to see if it qualifies for listing on the Pad. Evaluations are done on things like team proficiency, concept viability, and product-market fit. A project that satisfies the requirements can be listed directly on the Pad or through the incubation/acceleration program. Projects that do not wish to participate in the incubation/acceleration programs can host an IDO directly to the $CGPT community through direct listings. Projects may also choose to proceed with incubation or acceleration, which offers full support along with co-marketing, mentoring, and community cross-pollination.

The 12–18 month incubation period consists of the pre-launch, launch, and post-launch phases. Internal procedures, product optimization, marketing, and post-launch advisory support are all assisted by the mentor group. Acceleration focuses on well-developed teams that require specialized support and lasts three to four months.

Projects plan campaigns and establish connections with the $CGPT community throughout the IDO process. Before the IDO is listed on the Pad, all of its details token supply, market rate, and length of sale are finalized. Social announcements precede the two-round opening procedure. To encourage community involvement and provide benefits for membership, $CGPT is essential. By staking $CGPT tokens, token holders can gain access to airdrops, alpha IDO participation, and other special advantages. 


The $CGPT token facilitates on-chain interactions between users and the ChainGPT AI Model. $CGPT facilitates easy access to ChainGPT’s AI applications and acts as a store of value, unit of account, and medium of exchange. Through on-chain activity recording, ChainGPT has created a transparent economy of AI services that can track the demand for AI in the real world. Furthermore, $CGPT is essential to the ChainGPT DAO because it allows enthusiasts of artificial intelligence to take part in co-ownership and project governance.

Pay-per-use (PPU) for AI services, staking for priority access to AI tools, DAO membership, and tier-level inclusion for the ChainGPT Pad are among the features of $CGPT. PPU lets users pay for AI interactions with $CGPT tokens. This gives them flexibility without requiring a commitment. By granting priority access to the AI model through a four-tier membership system, staking promotes financial investment and aids in ChainGPT’s expansion.

Users who are DAO members have participation rights in project governance and can vote and make proposals for project developments. The staking module facilitates DAO membership that encourages cooperation among enthusiasts of artificial intelligence while safeguarding the project against malicious actors.

Market Overview

Artificial intelligence made great strides in 2023, especially with the introduction of OpenAI’s ChatGPT and the ongoing creation of large language models (LLMs) by major tech companies like Google and Meta. Additionally, OpenAI released updates like DALLE 3 and GPT-4, which further expanded the capabilities of AI. Scholars have begun delving into the potential applications of AI-generated content in the Web3 domain, specifically in NFT design, gaming, smart contract development, and quality assurance. The market capitalization of tokens connected to artificial intelligence has increased dramatically as a result of this research; by November 30, 2023, it had risen from approximately $8 billion at the start of the year to nearly $28 billion.

ChainGPT has placed itself perfectly in this market. Their numbers indicate the same. $CGPT recently hit $30 million in TVL. Its TVL grew by 50% in the last two weeks. ChainGPT’s AI generator has generated over 21 million NFTs with the recent 12 million coming in the last 2 months. The tools and services offered by ChainGPT are being loved by the people and are user-friendly and easy to use. 

ChainGPT reached 300,000 followers on Galxe, the biggest platform for community growth in web3. In less than two weeks they gain over 50,000 followers on Galxe. They reached 600,000 followers on X with over 100,000 joining in the last week. The community is also growing exponentially with the company’s growth. The telegram chatbot now has over 50,000 unique active users. AI Chatbot is one of the MVPs of ChainGpt. People are using it to learn more about crypto, blockchain, latest news and updates in web3. It is one of the easiest ways to get reliable information. 


Ilan Rakhmanov – CEO

Ilan Rakhmanov is an Israeli entrepreneur based in the United States. He is known for his diverse skill set spanning coding, compliance, business strategy, design, marketing, management, legal affairs, and real estate. As CEO and founder of multiple 7-figure companies, he demonstrates leadership and investment prowess. Ilan is also recognized as a speaker and thought leader in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Real Estate, Tech, and FinTech. His track record and commitment to excellence position him as a rising star in business and entrepreneurship.

Ariel A. – COO

Ariel A. currently holds the position of Chief Operating Officer at ChainGPT, overseeing daily operations. Previously, Ariel led a development team at Judea and managed projects at Israel Railways Ltd. He also worked as a Production Planning Engineer at Pronat Industries Ltd. Ariel holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management from Ruppin Academic Center.

Mitchell G. – Chief People Officer

Mitchell G. has a diverse career spanning customer service, tech, and communications. He began at Verizon Wireless and Apple, then moved to Chewy before pursuing a degree in Cybersecurity. Mitchell later worked as a self-employed Social Media Manager before joining ChainGPT as Chief People Officer.

Sharon Sciammas – CMO

Sharon is a seasoned marketing professional with over 19 years of experience in the tech industry. He has worked with over 100 startups and co-founded 3. He is currently leading the ChainGPT marketing team, where he employs his knowledge in product, analytics, marketing, and business strategy.


The intersection of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence represents a significant evolution in the digital landscape. With the emergence of innovative platforms like ChainGPT, the potential for AI-driven solutions within the Web3 space is expanding rapidly. ChainGPT’s comprehensive suite of AI tools and applications, including the AI Web3 Chatbot, NFT Generator, Automated AI News, Smart Contract Generator, and Trading Assistant, exemplifies the power of integrating AI into blockchain technology.

The success and growth of ChainGPT underscore the demand for AI-powered solutions in the crypto and blockchain industry. In the future, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence have the potential to completely transform several industries, including supply chain management, gaming, healthcare, and finance. ChainGPT is positioned to have a significant influence on how the decentralized digital economy develops as it keeps innovating and growing its product line. In the rapidly changing field of blockchain and artificial intelligence, ChainGPT is an example of innovation thanks to its user-friendly tools, dedication to security, and focus on community involvement.