May 2024 – EIPs and The State of The Ethereum Ecosystem

Introduction As of mid-2024, the Ethereum ecosystem continues to evolve at a rapid pace, characterized by significant technological advancements, robust community engagement, and a focus on long-term sustainability and security. Over the past few months, Ethereum has seen a surge in adoption, driven by improvements in scalability and user experience.The successful implementation of the Shanghai

April 2024 – Market Sentiments and Money Flow

Introduction Examining historical trends and fundamentals alone is not enough when investing in assets such as cryptocurrencies. Although these are significant, market sentiment is an even more important factor that shapes market behavior. The psychological and emotional inclinations of investors influence their choices. Knowing the sentiment of the cryptocurrency market is crucial to understanding how

March 2024 – The Rise of DePIN

Introduction The Crypto industry has been constantly looking for the next big thing that can make crypto mainstream. This is now more close to reality than not. Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks, or DePINs, are predicted by many well-known cryptocurrency community members to be crucial in making cryptocurrencies more widely accepted. This excitement results from DePIN’s

February 2024 – Securing Your Wealth

Introduction Web3 is growing like crazy in 2024. More and more people are jumping in to take advantage. There are many useful solutions, advanced and scalable infrastructure, and better decentralized financial systems. But everything is still not mainstream. It is still in the phase of what the Internet was in the early 2000s. As of

January 2024 – Bitcoin’s institutional adoption

Introduction 2024 started on a positive note for the crypto industry with the SEC approving the Bitcoin ETFs. This year is already poised for a more significant upgrade into the ecosystem with Bitcoin halving scheduled for April. The approval of the ETF opens the door for a lot of investors. The new investors can now

December 2023 – 2023 Year in Review

Introduction The cryptocurrency journey has been quite eventful over the past few years, and 2023 was no different. The most recent crypto winter was triggered by 2022’s massive losses from Luna, TerraUSD, and FTX, which extended into 2023 with the failure of crypto banks Silvergate Bank and Signature Bank in March. Despite these losses, regulatory

November 2023 – From Niche to Mainstream: How a Bitcoin ETF Could Reshape the Financial Landscape

Introduction In 2013, The Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust made a filing for the first Bitcoin ETF, but the first Bitcoin ETF was approved in 2020 and was listed on the Bermuda stock exchange. Since then, the crypto industry has moved leaps and bounds. The first Bitcoin Spot ETF was launched on August 15, 2023 in Europe.

October 2023 – Blockchain Gaming: Unlocking the Future of the Gaming Industry

Introduction The gaming industry saw its inception in the 1970s and early 1980s. Arcade games like pong, quickly grab the attention of the people. Soon after we saw the advent of video game consoles. The first home console, Magnavox Odyssey, saw good demand. But as the time went by the personal computers became more and

September 2023 – Choosing the right Crypto Wallet

Introduction With the increasing awareness among the people about blockchain technology, more and more people are coming and exploring the industry. But one of the basic things one needs is the cryptocurrency to do any transaction on the blockchain or interact with the blockchain. This gives rise to the need for secure crypto storage solutions.

August 2023 – Blockchain Rollups Explained

Introduction Ethereum has become a household term in the world of cryptocurrency and Web3, and for good reason. Following the successful completion of the Merge last year, Ethereum has been actively implementing a series of upgrades. Ethereum’s meteoric rise in popularity can be attributed to its ability to foster the growth of innovative blockchain products,

July 2023 – LayerZero

Introduction Application specific needs has given us a rapid increase in the number of blockchains present in the blockchain industry but making inter-chains transactions has been a long time problem. Each chain is isolated. There have been solutions like using a centralised authority to facilitate the transaction between two chains or a new decentralised chain

June 2023 – Emerging AI

Introduction If you are even the slightest bit of a tech follower, you must have come across the term AI-ML. In Fact you might even know about it. But in this article we are going to be discussing the rapid emergence of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning capabilities. PwC’s global AI study says that the