July 2022 – Ethereum Front-running

Born out of information asymmetry and a commonplace in traditional finance, Front-running is the illegal practice in which market makers engage in security trades to exploit confidential knowledge of significant pending transactions to generate supernormal profits. One might think such practices cannot exist in the blockchain ecosystem based on the principles of transparency, eliminating the

June 2022 – Ethereum Merge: Past, Present, Future

Since the announcement of the tentative roadmap of Ethereum during the 2022 Ethereum Community Conference (ETHCC) and the Merge right around the corner, the forums have ignited discussions on the evolution of Ethereum. In this edition of our newsletter, we will be covering the metamorphosis of Ethereum from a PoW to a PoS consensus mechanism.

May 2022 – The Three Pillars of Web3 Growth

Blockchain technology is progressively permeating various aspects of the global economy and society, propelling the development of Web3 as adoption rates across numerous domains increase. In this newsletter, we cover the 3 main aspects depicting the growth and adoption of blockchain technology. Retail  The use case and influence of a subversive technology can only be

April 2022 – Stablecoins and CBDCs

Terra’s downfall aroused a bag of questions about Stablecoins – the haven of digital assets during periods of high volatility. From El Salvador adopting $BTC as a legitimate currency to countries embracing blockchain with the creation of CBDCs. We can see a large-scale usage of blockchain in enhancing the current financial structure across multiple monetary

March 2022 – Zero Knowledge

Blockchain is moving towards mainstream adoption. But it is limited because of the inherent architecture, where privacy and scalability are a concern. The increasing demand for throughput by dApps, and DeFi protocols, forced the web3  ecosystem to look for better alternatives. The exploration led back to the 1980s, when Goldwasser, Micali, and Rackoff developed an

February 2022 – Crisis in Europe

On 24th February last month, Russia launched a full scale invasion on Ukraine. Preceded by significant troop building around the Ukraine border many monitoring groups had called this move. We would like to extend our deepest prayers to those caught in this conflict, suffering losses and forced to displace inside and outside Ukraine. We hope

January 2022 – The year outlook

This month we are putting together a follow up to our previous issue where we reflected on the trends of 2021. In this edition we will be talking about our market outlook for 2022 and the themes that we are excited about. As always we are constantly learning alongside the evolving macro and fast paced

December 2021 – The year of the Bull

First of all, we would like to wish all our readers a very warm and prosperous New Year. 2021 has been a historic year for the blockchain and a great year for us at Mapleblock as well. In this month’s coverage we will go over some of the key market trends of the past year.

November 2021 – An explainer on ‘Taproot’

Last month Bitcoin underwent one of its most major set of upgrades in the past 4 years, known as ‘Taproot’, the upgrade focused on improving cost, efficiency and to some extent privacy on the Bitcoin network. The Taproot upgrade implements 3 BIPs 340, 341 and 342. In this month’s coverage we take a look at

October 2021 – What a Bitcoin ETF means for the market?

The last month showed positive growth and signs of a resuming bull cycle in the digital asset market. The launch of ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF(BITO) marked new highs for the price of Bitcoin. BTC reached a peak of $66,930 on 20th October 2021 marking another ATH, the day after the Pro-Shares Bitcoin Strategy ETF was